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Our Process

Our Process

Overburden and Topsoil StrippingFace DrillingTransfer to Feed HopperDelivery Tanker inspection procedure

We begin by removing the overburden and topsoil stripping, followed by building stone removal. Once the quarry top rock has been stripped and the cleaned bare rock is exposed face drilling can begin. This entails marking out explosive holes and correct spacing in accordance with the Quarry Manager’s instructions. All drilling dust is filtered through the driller’s filtration system ensuring a clean working environment. The next phase is blasting the quarry face.

Prior to the blast a complete quarry face profile and blast design is carried out in conjunction with an explosives engineer and our quarry manager. Blasting is always carried out by a professional trained explosive engineer who charges and fires all blasts in the safest possible manner. Following the blast rock breaking can commence, and aggregates are transferred to impact and primary crusher where it is graded to various sizes and passes onto secondary screen.

The specified aggregate is then transferred to the feed silo in the Calcium Carbonate plant, from the silo it is then conveyered into the impactor and milled and graded to various granular and flour specifications, and transferred to desired silo.

All CongCal Calcium Carbonates are dried using LPG gas to ensure no contamination and complete cleanliness.

A metal detection test is also carried out to ensure no metal is present. All relevant machinery is inspected on a weekly basis for cleanliness and noted in HACCP check from.


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