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Energy Conservation & Savings

Our Carbon FootprintThe company made a committed effort during 2014 to a long term Energy Management Project with the aim of reducing fuel and energy consumption and spending by 5% in 1 year and an overall target of 10% in the first 3 years. The aim is to be smart and use energy effectively, conserve resources and save money.

We set up an Energy Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 50001 and an Energy Policy has been compiled and distributed to all employees. An Energy Team has been selected to oversee the project and progress; Billy McGrath is the Energy Team Sponsor and Nicky Mulchrone has been appointed as the Internal Energy Champion. Significant training has been carried out with all the members of the management team and relevant staff. Fuel usages throughout the site are being monitored & fuel trackers have been installed and are being maintained & monitored on a monthly basis. A number of Significant Energy Users have been identified throughout the site and are being monitored closely and optimised. A Register of Opportunities has been drawn up and an Energy Action Plan for the remainder of 2014 running into 2015 has been agreed. Initial results from the project are proving quiet astounding with a 5.5% saving on energy spend and in excess of 70,000kWh of electricity saved by setting timers and turning off appliances when they are not required. This is really encouraging for the company and a lot more work has yet to be completed.

“I never imagined to see tangible results so quickly by making some simple changes throughout the day to day running of the business and educating our team on energy consumption. It’s really exciting going forward what can be achieved and I have only just tipped the iceberg”

Nicky Mulchrone, Internal Energy Champion

Watch this space in 2015 to find out how the Energy Management system is progressing.

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