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The application of lime is one of the oldest and most important methods of improving the condition of soils. The main reason for applying ground lime to soils is to increase the pH of acidic soil. It is important to realise that not all agricultural lime or Grolime is equal, the quality can be determined by two factors; the neutralizing ability of the material and the rate at which the liming material neutralizes the soil. Total Neutralizing Value (TNV) & Effective Neutralizing Value (ENV) are two measures which guage the quality of agricultural lime. For example 1 tonne of a liming material with a TNV of 85% will neutralize the same amount of acid in the soil as 0.85 tonnes of a liming material with a TNV of 100%. Using a material with a high TNV will result in a large cost savings for the user as less material will be needed to adjust the soil pH as opposed to using a liming material with a low TNV. To learn more about this read the recently published article in IMQS Extraction Industry Annual Review 2014.

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