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Working with the National Park & Wildlife Services

For many years now we have been working in association with the National Parks & Wildlife Association, they regularly visit our site in Cong and monitor the activity of peregrine falcons. We recently had some exciting new additions of 3 peregrine falcon chicks, and our quarry manager, Damien McGrath quickly contacted the local conservation ranger, Irene O’Brien to come and investigate. After a few health and safety issues regarding safely accessing the chicks were addressed. A park ranger abseiled down the quarry face into the birds nest. From there they were successfully ringed and tagged, this enables the National Park & Wildlife Service to monitor the birds reproduction success, species long term survival rates, site fidelity and distances travelled. The chicks have now successfully fledged the nest.

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“I hope the birds continue to succeed at the site, as it was a pleasure to visit this quarry and we know the Peregrine falcons are well protected there”

Irene O’Brien, Conservation Ranger, National Park & Wildlife Services

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